And now the important question...

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Re: And now the important question...

Flashlight wrote:

Will the stills from a D90 movie be good enough to use on webpages,
e.g. for sports?

I'm going to repeat what I've told a lot of big city newspapers: shooting video and stills requires two different philosophies. Video actually benefits from some subject blur and thus most video cameras don't attempt to shorten shutter speeds too high. When you use very fast shutter speeds with video streams you get a very wrong look to them.

Thus, taking stills from a video stream is not likely to give you the acuity that you desire, and if you up the shutter speed to kill motion, the video stream isn't what you desire.

That's not to say that there won't be situations where you can get away with it, but having taught both video and stills, I can tell you that there's no optimal setting that's going to get you both all the time.

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