I demand a movie mode!

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Re: I demand a movie mode!

subukt wrote:

GreenPig wrote:

If you really want movie mode you have two options .... go and buy a
dedicated video camera or get a Nikon D90 (when it hits the shelves)

  • the first DSLR with movie mode. Just be ready with spare memory


I have all canon mount lens, so I can't do that. Also, d90 is
substantially bigger than xx0d form. I don't want that.

I think d90 has already established that new DSLRs (at least the
lower end) must include movie mode the same way as they all support
live view. After live view, it was only a matter of time who would do
it first.

Wait for the 500D. It'll use the Digic4 processor, which has native video processing capabilities. You'll have HD video, AF in video mode, recording until your memory card is full, time-lapse recording, Dolby Digital 5.1 audio recording, a MIC port for an external microphone, HDMI out etc. You'll have to live without an articulating LCD though.

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