I demand a movie mode!

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Re: I demand a movie mode!

macky patalinghug wrote:

movie mode! movie mode! movie mode!

It's finally here. I thought Olympus would be the one to implement it
first. They had been floating the idea around since the E330 came out
and now with the advent of the micro four thirds everybody felt it
was just around the corner for Oly. But surprise! Nikon made it first.

Now the next race is for the dslr sized sensor on on a non dslr (no
mirror). Oly has been dreaming of it, even christening it EVIL
(Electronic View Interchangeable Lens). Sigma had a bat at it but its
effort didn't quite measure up. It blows my mind thinking what the
Canon CMOS can do in this set-up.

That's another step I would like to see too: get rid of the mirrors and optical viewfinder and lets put there some HD viewfinder. Such camera would be definitely much smaller as olympus showed. HD viewfinder would be definitely real alternative to optical, since it would have enough definition to allow you to focus manually (well, you can't even do that now with those puny viewfinders in todays dlsrs, they are useless for manual focusing, so why not just get rid of them?).

The EVF viewfinders in todays non-slrs are a joke, I wouldn't want that. But if the resolution was increased significantly, I would take it over optical.

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