I demand a movie mode!

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Re: I demand a movie mode!

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

subukt wrote:

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

The vast majority of us don't want to have to pay for what will be a
useless "feature" to us.

You don't pay for anything. The new camera always costs the same, it
just contains new features.

That has to be the most asinine comment I've seen. Of course you pay
for it. If that feature is left off, the price will drop, or better
yet, be replaced by a useful feature.


Every new camera will include it whether you like it or not. Nobody is forcing you to buy this "useless feature". You must be using 100% of your camera features, like every picture mode and modes like mirror lockup, auto mode and such most of the time since you are not complaining you paid for them and not using them.

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