I demand a movie mode!

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Re: I demand a movie mode!

Digital Shutterbug wrote:

If you are serious about video, buy a video



Please point me to the nearest camera that costs around $1k and have aps-c sized sensor so I can achieve the same DOF in video as I do with images. I would buy it in 0.1s. The cheapest camera that have aps-c sized sensor costs... wait for it... $17k (Red one) and is 5 times bigger than any dslr.

This argument is also flawed. I have HD camera fyi. But there is no way it could compare to the dslr sensor that has 10 times less pixel density and when using it with superior lenses. It's the same as compact vs dslr. If the technology allows it, DO IT. All these arguments are seriously like backward thinking.

Whether you like it or not, all new dslrs from now on will include movie mode.

Just look for yourself how great it looks.


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