What's happening in this world

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Dave Chilvers
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What's happening in this world

Please don't start a flame war it's just my opinion.

am I the only person who is thinking that cameras are being brought out far too frequently ? Yes new features etc are exciting but every new camera pushes down the value of your existing investment. It's just so easy to get caught up with the buying frenzy and it can become your single most expensive part of your life. Is there more enjoyment of keeping on owning the latest and best? well maybe for some but it can become a hobby of it's own, buying new cameras and talking about them on the many forums without taking many photos with them. (I've been as guilty as the next person BTW) It's not just cameras, it's every walk of life now, if your not buying the latest gadget then you can be made to feel inadequate.

The way I see it, apart from the battle between the electronic giants trying to get one up on each other these companies have a need to keep up turnover( well the directors and share holders must be given a decent return) at our expense. There was an interview that I saw last year( I really can't remember which company) where someone high up was indicating that if they didn't come up with something new to put into their mobile phones then the company would suffer. It's more about money making than the respect of us the customer.

Please don't think I'm a killjoy, I'm as interested as the next person in modern technology and yes, lots of improvements have made things easier over the length of my life but it seems now days that it's updates for the sake of them and making money. These giant companies must be laughing all the way to the bank when they deposit our hard earned cash.

I suppose I'm just getting fed up with kitting myself out with the gear I need(not just in photography) and before I've even gotten familiar with it the next model has been launched.

I remember some years ago, saving up for six months to buy the latest state of the art radio(I'm an amateur radio ham) a superb bit of kit and whilst in the shop the owner stuck one of the latest monthly mags in the box as a gift. Getting home tired i decided to unpack the radio the next day and just settled down with the mag and a cuppa. Imagine my horror to read a review inside of the upgrade to the radio that I had just purchased and not even unpacked?

Yes! I know what some of you might be saying " you make your own happiness and satisfaction" but come on! no wonder some of the less fortunate in the third world countries look upon us as just materialistic.

I advised a friend who wanted to get into DSLR digital photography to stretch himself for the 450d as a good starter camera that would do him for years to come and get a phone call from him just after the purchase asking me why I didn't point him towards the 1000D that was a very similar feature set at a more affordable price and I had no answer to that.
anyway, at least my 1dsmk3 is heavy enough to be used as a decent door stop:-)

Anyone else feel the same?

I feel so much better now that I've given up Hope


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