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Re: I almost understand you....

Interesting story here . . .

In my film days as a full time photojournalist I was all Canon . . . and I used my own gear as opposed to carrying a camera bag full of the newspapers stuff, like all the other staff photographers did.

Interestingly enough . . . now that I'm digital, I don't own any Canon (or Nikon, for that matter) digital cameras.

Anyway, the newspaper I worked for had all Nikon gear, and I did carry one of their bodies with me for those times when I needed one of those big lenses that they didn't pay me enough to afford myself.

I have two F1 bodies and two A1 bodies . . . three of them with motordrives on them.

Anyway, I did a lot of freelance work for many colleges, hospitals and large corporations.

I was doing a shoot at Michigan State Universary and a lot of bigwigs were there.

During the cocktail hour, the president of Michigan State University walked over to me and pointed at one of my A1's hanging around my neck and told me that he had that exact same camera (but without the motordrive) and didn't have a clue how to use it.

I gave him a quick lesson about the camera and then we stood and chatted for a few minutes.

I bumped in to him a few months later at another photo shoot at a different college that he happened to be attending and he thanked me for the lesson I gave him.

He said that he really had never used the camera until I showed him how to use it, and now he was taking pictures with it all the time!

Had I taped over the Canon logo, he probably would have never come over and talked to me about it . . . and that camera would probably still be sitting in a closet!

I say that those who like to tape over the logos on their cameras are overly anal about nothing.

Funny thing . . . some of the staff photogs didn't own (ie.- didn't even have) any of their own camera gear.

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