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Dead On, Alan

Alani wrote:

Here is a simple test you can perform no matter how good
you think the monitor is (unless it is a high-end LCD). Open an image
with some dark details (female with dark brown hair), make sure it is
about 25% of the monitor size, you need to be able to move the image
around. Now, move the image, specifically the dark details to the top
of the monitor, then slide it down to the middle then finally take it
down to the bottom, you will see that as you slide the image down the
monitor, it gets lighter and that more details in hair area will
show. Not good for photo editing.

Absolutely right, Alan. I think this more of a problem for the bigger LCD monitors. I had a low-end Dell 24" monitor that displayed a 2 stop difference (measured with my D300 spot meter) between the top and bottom of the screen. Wow. On top of that the reds were practically fluorescent and even calibration couldn't tame them.

After a couple of months with that monitor, I ordered a Lacie 324. No measurable difference now between the top and bottom. Also the colors are great.

The Dell was just not workable for editing, IMO.


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