End of the XD format?

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Re: Why do you wish the death of something you don't even use?

MrRoger wrote:

MusicDoctorDJ wrote:

What does it matter to those who don't have cameras that use xD cards?

Or is it that most here are those Nikon and Canon users who hate
Olympus so much that they wish for them to go away?

I think that last sentence is closer to the truth here . . .

My C-770 only takes XD cards. They are slow, so slow!

My laptop has ports for CF, SD mSD,MMC and MS. But not XD. It takes
me around 45 mins to an hour to unload a 2GB XD card

Anybody who is forced to use them will be glad to see them go!

Thats the funny thing about all of this . . .

NOBODY is forced to buy a camera that uses xD . . .

If you bought a camera and it only accepts xD, then you have nobody to blame but yourselves!

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