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Re: Pondering...

alexisgreat wrote:

Sounds like great advice! I was wondering if there's a way to use
low gradation in low light as well, if we turn up the EV to +0.7 or
+1? Or is that going to create more noise, especially at higher isos?

Also, do we lose control of the contrast function when we change the
gradation off of normal?

You can try low gradation in low light as well, but you will need to boost the exposure comensation quite a bit. Personally, I find it easier to switch to normal gradation for low light.

If you shoot RAW, the gradation setting doesn't matter much, since you can adjust it in Olympus Studio (not sure if you can do it in Olympus Master). I only even both adjusting the gradation setting because doing that makes a bit less work for me in PP. You could just leave it on normal all the time and adjust the exposure compensation, then do the rest in PP later. Same effect, just more work. If you are going to go this way, I highly recommend shooting RAW or RAW+jpg. In fact, you should always be shooting RAW. It's saved my butt many times, like when I forget to adjust the white balance.

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