Bucking the current. Buying 1DMIII

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Re: a 3 time looser with the mark III

Colin Key wrote:

Bosman Photography wrote:

215 is my first 3 digits for the serial # on my 1D Mark 3

I thought all 1D Mk3 serial numbers began with "5" ?


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yep diff set of numbers i gave you. You must be referring to the one on the body in the bottom. those are 535.

Oh and to my astonishment Canon Customer Relations is a bit unprofessional. The Rep was supposed to have the issues diagnosed and reviewed with her to create proposals on behalf of the issues the camera was having. Well, i called and she said it was already sent out before she could review the matter. The mirror and shutter were adjusted as well as some focussing parts and it was working. I got it turned it on and it worked, oh it worked till around almost exactly 300 shutter actuations then the wonderful piece of s_ t, that it is went black on me. There was no error message this time but the shutter just stuck closed not allowing me to view through the lens anymore. I figited with it a bit, put it down and grabbed my 5D. I later fidgeted with it again and the shutter released and i shot the rest of the day.

This would be my 4th time i will be sending it in and really, i don't like the thing.

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