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Re: Yes you are Christian

Christian Wagner wrote:

First off you obviously do care about the kudos or you wouldn't
respond to each and every response. I agree you don't care about the
"flames", but I think that is the problem.

Actually, I don't even have a Nikon camera so technically I'm not in
the camp (but it will probably be my next camera but for now the 5D
suits me fine). I look at all the forums and have been doing that for
3 years longer then you have been on this board so I think I have
been around long enough to know a thing or two about the posts here.
I look to get information on cameras as well as hope to come across
some great photography now and then and learn.

I do pay attention and I see most of your threads if not all of them
(the ones you start, not neccesarily the ones you simply reply too).
I consider posting 5 or 6 shots once a week, or even once every other
week, frequent. If you can point me to someone on this forum who post
more shots then you I will rethink my statement.

Yet you are always willing to write about and thank people for the
kudos. That's my point exactly.

What Kruger said about my pictures is absolutely true and never did I
defend my pictures. In fact, I agreed with it.

Krugers criticism is very similar to the criticism I received a year
or two ago which I mentioned earlier. And he made a comparison which
I also agree with between your pictures and mine when he said I have
a site full of pictures similar to yours. I also agree with your
statement that many of my pictures are underexposed. That's the
difference between you and I. I usually agree with the criticism and
take it to heart as opposed to your tactic which is to dismiss it to
jealousy or call any critical responses 'flames'. The sooner you
realize criticism is good, the better off you will be.

I would suggest taking a class at ICP and/or finding a pro
photographer/mentor (someone not from this board) you like and ask
them if they will be willing to look at a pic here and there and give
you feedback (good and bad). You've got a lot of talent already and
you very much enjoy photography which is great. I'd just like to see
you further refine it and push the envelope a little.

But if you are totally happy with what you are doing and the shots
you are taking, I'll probably keep commenting, but I certainly won't
stop you!

You are spending alot of time on this thread aren't you? For a lackluster post, you sure are paying much attention to it and leaving it on Page 1.

We've had these discussions before. I am learning every day or every other day about photography. This is a hobby that is sometimes a freelance thing.

I don't care for rude remarks. Don't misconstrue my words.

I don't really care whether someone likes or dislikes a photo that I took. They are opinions. If I thank someone for a "kudos" as you put it, I am being polite. It is the way I was raised. I generally treat people they way they treat me. If you're going to be rude, expect the same. That's my personality.

I work as DJ at club in Manhattan every weekend. When I play music, I don't expect to satisfy everyone on that dancefloor. It is impossible. But I do try to satisfy most when I'm spinning. I've been DJing professionally since 1989. People will always have an opinion on what to play, any given night. Same holds true for photography. We all have contrasting views.

BTW, I have been critiqued by people outside this board. Your not doing me any justice by making rude remarks on my "weak" photos. If anything, look at my best work on my site and critique them. That would be of much use to me than angrily being upset at others opinions of this opening post?!! That sounds more like jealousy.

So you can see how much thought there is to what i do, I emailed you and invited you to go to a photo shoot in NYC. Shoots that Kruger and I do regularly. You never replied to that email.

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