Why does everyone want more AF points?

Started Aug 25, 2008 | Discussions thread
Jay Adeff Senior Member • Posts: 1,279
Because the 9-point AF sucks.

Once you've used a 1D with the 45 points AF system, the 9-point 20D/30D/40D/5D system is a joke. The 9-point system never has a point where you need it, especially if you shoot vertically. Heck, even the 10D layout was better in that respect (but horribly slow). The other problem is accuracy. I don't know a single pro who has tried an XXD camera who thinks the XXD AF is adequate.

When I upgraded from 20D to 1D-MkII, I thought I would keep the 20D as my backup/2nd body. Wrong. The difference in AF is so dramatic, I traded the 20D for the original 4Mp 1D. I'll take the superior AF and speed of the old 1D over a 20D/30D/40D any day.

Now if only Canon would create a camera to bridge the huge XXD to 1D gap, then I would get excited...

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