Why does everyone want more AF points?

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Re: What would make it difficult is if the AF points don't light up --ie D300. nt

Are you saying the AF points in a Nikon do not light up to confirm
when focus is achieved? If this is true I would find it very
difficult to work with.

No, I’m not saying that.

(I’m going off of memory here so be kind if I don’t get all the info exactly right) On the Nikon bodies like the D70, etc. (prior to the D300) all the focus points are visible, like on the canons. By default, the focus rectangle that is active will light up red when focus is achieved (in addition to a green dot down in the corner of the screen and an audible “beep-beep”) just like the canon turning on a little red LED light in the middle of the focus point. You can shut off the focus point from flashing red if you want to (I always have it shut off as having the focus point blink at me while I work was a bit annoying, imo.)

With the D300, the focus points are part of the LCD screen in the viewfinder (the same screen that is responsible for the on demand horizontal/vertical gridlines. Therefore all the other 50 AF points not being used can be turned off and completely invisible so just the focus point you are using is visible. You can select to have just the one visible point flash red or select to turn that feature off (again, I believe this is the way it works but I am pretty sure I shut that feature off in the first run through the menus before even starting to use the camera so I can’t say 100% positively.)


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