Why does everyone want more AF points?

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Re: Why does everyone want more AF points?

ljfinger wrote:

Frankly, I use 1 for about 99% of my shots. For the other 1%, I
mostly use that far-right one (you know, the portrait point). I use
the others only very rarely.

Probably because 99% of my photos involve movement, granted I still use the center point but expansion set to 13 points. Also the ring of fire I use with fast moving objects against a basic background (Blue sky etc...).

9 is a nice number because you have direct access to each of them
with a single click of the joystick.

45 is also a nice number, And I can also choose 11 or 9 if I so wish, It's all about options...

What I'd like is for all of them to be as good as the center one.

Even on my old 1Dmk2N nine are F2.8 or better while one of those (the center one) is F4 for high precision.

In fact, I'd like the 8 peripheral points to be the same as the
current center point, and the current center point to add reliable f8
focusing capability. This would be great for using 1.4x TCs on the
f5.6 lenses like the 100-400L and 400/5.6L.

Sounds like you want a 40D (mind you the outer points are cross sensitive to F5.6)
the only thing missing is the F8 center point...
Time to upgrade????

But for what reason would you want more points? Tracking an object
works just fine with 9. In fact, it works just fine with 1 for me.

The problem is the spacing nine points doesn't always cover the area your subject is in. Actually the Original Digital rebel might be to your liking it had 7 AF points (still not one but closer) one may work fine for you but personally I would find it limiting....

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