Why does everyone want more AF points?

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Re: Why does everyone want more AF points?

Anastigmat wrote:

ljfinger wrote:

Frankly, I use 1 for about 99% of my shots. For the other 1%, I
mostly use that far-right one (you know, the portrait point). I use
the others only very rarely.

That is because your subject rarely moves.

That would not be the case, at all.

9 is a nice number because you have direct access to each of them
with a single click of the joystick.

9 is good. Some cameras come with fewer, especially the entry level

What I'd like is for all of them to be as good as the center one.

So, you want more than 1? LOL.

Yes, but not more than 9.

In fact, I'd like the 8 peripheral points to be the same as the
current center point, and the current center point to add reliable f8
focusing capability. This would be great for using 1.4x TCs on the
f5.6 lenses like the 100-400L and 400/5.6L.

But for what reason would you want more points? Tracking an object
works just fine with 9. In fact, it works just fine with 1 for me.

There are holes in the coverage with just 9. Some elusive subjects
sometimes will not come into focus because none of the 9 can find a
target with sufficient contrast. Having more focus points increases
the odds of getting the shot. I suppose manufacturers like to charge
more if their camera are more likely to get the shot. As consumers,
it is up to us to decide whether that capability is worth the money
being demanded from us.

I've never seen this issue, and even if it is, why not just place one of them on the subject?

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