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Re: Best settings for E-520

alexisgreat wrote:

oh BTW, right now Im just using the two kit lenses... 14-42mm and
40-150mm at f/5.6-f.8 mostly. Should I use those sharpness settings
youve posted? That 70-300mm lens is next on my list-- it looks
surprisingly light for so much zoom! I wonder how much an equivalent
lens would weigh on aps-c (with lens based IS)!

You should experiment with the sharpness settings to get the image as you like it. If I were using Photoshop to develop the RAW files from this camera, I would be using unsharp mask all the time, since the images would be soft initially. If I were just using the out-of-camera jpegs, then it's possible I wouldn't do any sharpening at all, as often times they are sharp enough.

The 70-300mm lens is very nice for the price. On my copy, I need to keep the aperture at about F/7.1 (F/8 if possible) or smaller to get the sharpest images out of it. It's not bad at F/6.3, but at F/5.6 over 200mm it's a bit too soft for my taste. It's also not a very good lens for fast action (birds in flight, sports, etc.), although if you keep it below 150mm, it can keep up with some action. The 520 is surprisingly good at continuous autofocus in terms of getting shots of things moving toward you in focus.

I've been able to get away with 1/200 second at 300mm with static subjects without blur using the IS. It's such a big lens though, and can unbalance the camera. I have steady hands, but with the 520 and 70-300mm combo I have a hard time holding it steady. I use 1/1000 or 1/1250 for shutter speed and F/7.1 or F/8 for best results. I set ISO to auto and max ISO to 800.

By the way, have you noticed how well auto ISO works on the 520? I've never seen a camera outside of Nikon do auto ISO as well as the 520. It beats the hell out of the 510 in this regard. You can even set it so auto ISO works in full manual mode, so I can set shutter and aperture the way I like, and let the camera determine the proper ISO setting.

Have you taken any action photos with the 40-150mm? I haven't tried that lens yet. If it's any good at action shots, I might consider buying it, as it can be found cheap where I live. By being good at action shots, I mean does it tend to hunt for focus, or does it lock on quickly in decent to good lighting?

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