Best settings for E-520

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Re: Best settings for E-520

I use 200-300/0.3/0 for unsharp mask. It really depends on how much cropping I've done, which lens I used, etc. Only time I really need to sharpen significantly is with the 70-300mm past 200mm, or wider than F/7.1. The kit lens and the 50mm F/2 are sharp enough as is.

Also, keep in mind I develop my RAW files in Olympus Studio first (produces the best colours), so often times I don't need to apply any additional sharpening, since the RAW files retain the in-camera sharpening setting. I then use photoshop to tweak and crop the jpeg.

alexisgreat wrote:

Thanks a bunch! I agree with you about SAT, I found that it gave me
high chroma noise in dark areas, even at iso 100! I like your
settings-- do they also keep the noise low to moderate at 400-1600?
Or do you find the grain distracting at higher isos?

BTW what are your unsharp mask settings for PS with this camera? Ive
created separate actions for all my cameras to do unsharp mask in
batch processing. They all have different settings. Thanks!

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E-520 + 14-42mm + 70-300mm + 50mm F/2 Macro

Equipment/system changes often.

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