Best settings for E-520

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Re: Best settings for E-520

You'll never get sharpness out of the E-520 equivalent to what the E-510 could produce, no matter what settings you use. Use unsharp mask in PP to get equivalent sharpness.

The settings I've had the most luck with are:

  • Vivid picture style

  • Saturation +2 (you may prefer +1)

  • Sharpness +2

  • Contrast -1 or 0 (I usually raise this a bit in PP, but find it renders more accurate preview in the LCD)

  • Gradation set to LOW

  • Exposure compensation +0.3 (sometimes 0, sometimes +0.7)

  • Noise filter set to Low

  • Metering set to Center Weighted Average

When shooting indoors, only changes I make are:

  • Gradation set to Normal

  • Flash exposure compensation set to +0.7

  • Exposure compensation set to 0

When shooting outdoors in harsh light, I find low gradation with slight positive exposure compensation produces the best images. I also find center weighted metering to be more accurate than ESP, especially for holding onto highlights.

I tried auto gradation (SAT), and found it ruined most of the images I took. It washed out colours and contrast, and introduced noise to the image. I never use it.

Give those settings a try, see if you like the jpegs they produce.

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