is my camera too heavy for my tripod

Started Aug 24, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Tripod maybe OK, head might be too weak (nt)

harveyabc wrote:

i recently bought a gitzo gilux weekend tripod. weighs about 2 lbs.
it came with a velban PH-253 ballhead. the guy i bought it from said
that the velban was really for a p & s. so i got a manfrotto 486RC2
ballhead. i am using a rebel xt
i have a more substantial tripod but the gitzo would be for traveling.

i noticed that the 486 on the heavier tripod was fine. when i put
the 486 and rebel on the gitzo, it drooped a hair after tightening
and removing my hand. i've been able to solve this by tightening the
486 as much as i can.

is this ballhead and camera too heavy for the gitzo??

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