15-30 on full frame.

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Re: 15-30 on full frame.

AdamScot wrote:

Everything I'm reading suggests that for corner to corner image
quality, I should get a Sigma 15-30, rather than a Canon 17-40
(16-35 is out of budget). (I realize I may have to work to find a
good copy).

Is this the general consensus?

It depends very much on your copy if the corners are good or not.

I returned the first one I bought on the net because it had extreme field curvature. Either the center of the corners were sharp but never both, even on APS-C.

I tested 2 more copies in a local store, which were much better, and bought one. I mostly use it on my 350D. Made a few with film (don't own FF digital yet) but I don't think I scanned any of these. I did see samples of a good copy on a 5D at a German site when I did my research before choosing the lens, and the corner sharpness was quite good.

I will likely continue to use this lens on the 5D Mk2 or D700, whichever I'm going to get next. As long as the 16-35 has the same complex "moustache" type distortion, I see no reason to spend that much money for it. For Nikon I would probably get the 14-24 though.

p.s. Autofocus is very unreliable, typical for Sigma on Canon bodies. I have a split-image focusing screen and the next camera will have live view, so this is not an issue for me.

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