FZ28 'Extended Optical Zoom'

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Re: FZ28 'Extended Optical Zoom'


"Extended zoom" is just a sensor crop - Resulting smaller field of view.
Tradeoff is fewer pixels vs easier framing, focus, exposure determination.

(when you move to wide angle, the sensor area is expanded, the image downsized to the selected pixel count). Extended zoom is available whenever you change the image pixel count (and I find it much more convenient to do this via the joystick than via the menu).

"Digital zoom" is also a sensor crop, which is then upsampled in the camera to full pixel count. Issue there is what you gain by the upsample - are you better off leaving the image "as is" (fewer pixels-like EZ)? If you for some reason need more pixels, you can then using an external (and presumable more powerful) program to upsample.


Blake Cook wrote:

sherman_levine wrote:

On FZ18 you can adjust the image pixels quickly via the joystick.
Suspect you can do that with FZ28 as well. Once you decrease the
pixels, the rest follows automatically

I'm not sure I understand here. In the FZ18 menu I can set Digital
Zoom to "on" and then whenever I zoom beyond 18x becomes digital zoom
at whatever resolution the camera is set. If set to 8 mp an 8 mp
image is produced. There's a boat on about page 5 of my Flickr site
with a full sized image at 18x3.3x digital zoom. It's a lousy image
of course but still 8 mp.
Blake in Vancouver
Panasonic Stuff, Canon Stuff. More keepers with the Panasonic so far,
but I'm

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