Best quality/low expense lens for D700 (FX)

Started Aug 11, 2008 | Discussions thread
spectra Contributing Member • Posts: 850
Thanks ;-)

Pai_07 wrote:

WOW g8 pics..i think u manage to get the best of each and every lense
u have
liked ur night shots do u mind to share ur technique..


Thanks Pai - for me its far more important to extract maximum quality from your gear than to spend time fretting that I dont have "pro" glass on the front of my camera at all times.

I shoot middle apertures, use a tripod/cable release for nearly all shots and worry far more about light, subject matter and composition than about having lenses so sharp they make your eyes bleed. Check out my flickr site as I have quite a lot of technical info for most of my shots underneath each photo.

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