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Started Aug 22, 2008 | Discussions thread
Thom Hogan Forum Pro • Posts: 13,659
Re: How about Nikon MF

xrdbear wrote:

What if Nikon thinks that 20Mp+ is too much for FF and has decided to
branch out into MF. Now that would be BIG and groundbreaking.

Let me throw out another notion along those lines.

The popular MF sensor size these days is 48x36mm, which just happens to be that of two FX sensors. So, what would happen to the MF market if Nikon simply built the D3 sensor technology into that double-size?

Let's pull all the Nikon rumors together for a moment:

  • 24mp. Yep.

  • Modular. Yep.

  • Studio. Yep.

  • More than US$4999. Yep.

  • Not called a D3x. Yep.

  • New Lens Mount. Yep.

On that last, if Nikon has learned anything then there would be a mount adapter for current F mount lenses, which would give you a MF camera with an FX crop option.

Now let's consider what that does in the MF market:

  • State of the art MF mp? No, 24mp is good, but half that of state of the art.

  • State of the art MF noise? Yes, by a very long shot. Handheld lowlight MF suddenly is possible.

  • State of the art MF speed? Yes. 8 fps is quite possible.

  • State of the art flexibility? Yes. Still suffices as D3-quality, D3-capable 12mp camera.

  • State of the art cost? Probably. Nikon wouldn't be outside the US$9999 mark on something like this.

Since I'm sure that nikonrumors et.al. will pick this up as "Thom says Nikon is doing a MF camera" let me be clear: I didn't say that. I'm simply pointing out a curious alignment of all the recent rumors with one possible scenario.

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