will 50d become the noisiest dslr in history?

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Re: no, that is held by..

RedFox88 wrote:

lynxlea wrote:

15MP, cannot imagine what level of noise will be at iso800

the k20D. It is bad at iso3200. This is Canon remember, they've had
the lowest noise sensors of all manufacturers for several years. (the
new d3 aside since Canon has yet to release a competiting sensor for
comparison). Look at how well the XSi does at 12MP, much better than
the a350 and k20D do at high iso.

All I see is high NR on the Canon that can be implenented in PP (much better) after on the Pentax. Being a Pentax owner I would like to ask you to show me your Iso3200 images from the XSi.

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