will 50d become the noisiest dslr in history?

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Calm down

lynxlea wrote:

15MP, cannot imagine what level of noise will be at iso800

The power of the Megapixel Myth is truly amazing. Reviewers post tests showing 100% crops of new cameras. Pixel peepers look at the noise per pixel and make concerned pronouncements about the level of noise. DPR introduces a pixel density metric, accompanied by grave pronouncements about the negative consequences of the race for more pixels. None of this at all is backed up by any science or proper like for like testing, yet its gained such a hold that all over DPR there are threads stating despair at the 50D's 15 MPix. One place there's even someone saying hes selling up and going over to Nikon because of it.

OK, let's state it clearly for all those suffering from this particular delusion. For a given viewed image size, pixel density is not a determinant of overall image noise and DR*.

The major influences are sensor size, sensor quantum efficiency and noise in the amplifier/digitisation chain. Since it is a fair bet that Canon has increased the efficiency of the sensor, and the 50D's sensor is the same size as the 40D, it is likely that it will have a superior noise and DR performance.

Let's stop all this nonsense about mere effective NR, also. NR has nothing to do with it, either here or over at Nikon. It's simply a matter of making efficient sensors and letting the physics play out.

not until you get to very small pixels, smaller even than most P&S.

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