***Mini-Challenge #10: A Sense of Depth***

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***Mini-Challenge #10: A Sense of Depth***

Thanks again to Kuvasauna for hosting the previous challenge and picking my slightly unusual entry as the winner.

I looked back at the previous challenges so far and I noticed that we haven't had many kind of "technical" type of photographic challenges in this series.

So I am very pleased to get the next mini-challenge under way: "A Sense of Depth".

I want to see entries that use a feeling of 3D. There are various ways that I know of to achieve the effect of 3D in a photo.

Here are a couple of my photos that I think in different ways manage to achieve this illusion:

Differential focus (I used some minor post-processing to enhance the effect):

Leading lines:

There are of course other ways to achieve the 3D kind of illusion.

How you achieve that "Sense of Depth" is up to you.

So - show me your best 3D type photos - and if you used any special technique(s) then please add a liitle info on this if you feel it is appropriate.

This is posted fairly late on 22nd Aug 08 - so let's run this until 24:00 hours GMT on 30th Aug (and that gives me a little spare time to judge the entries - I think it might be difficult!).

Have fun!


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Here again is a reminder of the Rules:

  1. 1: Have fun. If you break this rule, you will be disqualified

  1. 2: Pictures must be taken with a Dx00 camera.

  1. 3: Submissions will be limited to two per person. If more entries are submitted, only the first two will be considered.

  1. 4: CHANGE THE SUBJECT LINE TO INCLUDE THE TITLE OF YOUR PHOTO. To avoid confusion and insure your entry is considered, please post your entry as a response to the original post. If you care to comment, please do so as a reply to the submission about which you care to comment.

  1. 5: For ease of viewing, please try to embed your images in the post.

  1. 6: Also for ease of viewing, please size your image so that no (or minimal) scrolling is required.

  1. 7: Please try to include EXIF information with your submission.

  1. 8: Post processing is allowed.

  1. 9: Photos taken prior to the contest period will be allowed.

  1. 10: All decisions by the host are final.

  1. 11: The host may select as many runners up as desired.

  1. 12: The host may not participate in the challenge.

----------------Additional Information---------------------------------------------

  • The winner of each challenge hosts the next challenge and is responsible for choosing the topic and selecting the winner.

  • The winner has 72 hours to offer a new challenge. If the winner is unable to host the next challenge, the winner may delegate another contestant as host if the contestant agrees. Otherwise, the next runner up may host the challenge.

  • Comments on submissions are encouraged.

  • Put [CC] next to your subject line if you care to receive comment and critiques on your work. Please do not critique submissions where this tag is absent.

  • Submission periods should not exceed one week (to limit the number of posts in the thread) and are at the discretion and schedule of the host.

  • If the number of threads allowed in a post is exceeded, a new post will be created containing a link to the previous thread to accommodate additional entries and comments.

  • And remember, Have Fun!!!

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