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Re: articles

ncrings wrote:


Thanks for those articles, those are great - Matt Brown in that
second one is a little bitter, huh? Loved his quote about teaching
biochemistry at UCLA. I am not a pro shooter either but do feel a
little taken by having my photo used for free...I mean as cool as the
photo credit is, yeah right!

You're either licensing for real or shooting for hugs = credit
No one will ever pay attention to the credit they give you.

Then again I don't want to put huge
watermarks over all my pics either...a conundrum for sure.

Oh just go for it! Do it in several layers that no one can remove. Always tag your images as copyrighted, all right reserved.

They're making $$$ and photographs play a large part in that. Unless they want to pay for your groceries, mortage or gas bill for the next year... I wouldn't do it.


Raleigh, NC

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