will 50d become the noisiest dslr in history?

Started Aug 22, 2008 | Discussions thread
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No, but sRAW could be a hint


Canon won't produce something nosier than previous camera, so I think we can expect to have at maximum the same amount of noise than the 40D. But as the push the ISO to 3200 without extension, we can hope for good Canon standard up to 3200. For 6400 and 12800, the sRAW could be a hint: lower effective pixel to increase signal/noise ratio and give clean results. the sRAW at 7MP correspond to one step ISO lower than full resolution! That could be the trick to give good ISO 12800 pictures: only 4MP. Therefore Mpx guys are happy and low noise/high ISO guys are as much happy!

We will see (if it is true and what is the noise level)


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