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Why I'm I buying a 105VR if I have 50mm 1.4?

When I got my D700 I thought I'd put a 50mm 1.4 on it and take pictures in indoor dim light and get clear results at ISO 6400.

Oh did I mention I'm a beginner?

The pictures were good but not as good as flash. I lowered the ISO to 1600, which the D700 handles well, but still, I'm beginning to see that more indoor light is what will make the difference. Also I see the D700 pictures need some sharpening later.

So I thought of the 105VR. I mean wouldn't Nikon have a reason to make a 6 ounce lens into a 1.5 pound lens? I'm hoping to get sharper pictures in low light with the 105VR. My subjects are not moving. Also the flattering aspect of the longer lens.

So the question is: why would a 50mm 1.4 owner get a 105VR?


for non moving subjects in low light, will the VR of the 105 yield better sharper results than the 50mm 1.4? Sometimes at 1.4 focus is an issue.

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