will 50d become the noisiest dslr in history?

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Re: That is correct (Maybe)

The same light falls on the sensor but technology advancements are needed to maintain fill factor and signal to read noise ratio. Canon has shown all the needed advancements (and then some) in a 1.3x experimental sensor with > 50 Megapixels though so we just need to wait and see how good this new camera is. Even just with the technology of the 450D I wouldn't expect this camera to be a poor performer at high ISO; Canon has already made many improvements since the era of their first CMOS sensor D-SLR when large pixels really were necessary. As far as dynamic range I think image DR (not per pixel DR) would only be reduced if the proportion of active imaging area on the sensor (fill factor) was significantly reduced. That would also reduce sensitivity (ignoring microlens improvements) but technology advancements could negate the reduction in fill factor anyway.

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