The United States of America’s Great White Fleet

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Re: Coaling days; and "Half way around"

RUcrAZ wrote:

No photos, but two stories:
1. Many many years ago, I met an old man in California, who told me
he sailed with the Great White fleet. He spoke of "coaling days,"
where everyone and everything from Admirals to sailors and their
nooks and crannies was covered with fine black coal dust, and took
weeks to clean up afterward.
2. May not be true, but Congress refused Teddy R.'s demand to furnish
the $$ to send the fleet around the world. So allegedly he told them
that, as Commander in Chief, he had the authority to order the fleet
"half way around the world" and if they wanted it back, they would
have to appropriate the money.

Thank you

love the two stories, what i have heard about your Teddy I can see that happening

Paul Norman

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