S100FS: Likes and dislikes

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S100FS: Likes and dislikes

....and if anyone picks up that I am wrong and can put me straight about any of this, I am happy to hear it

Price..bang for the buck
solidly built

I find it very nice to use as a camera. Feels good (if heavy) and things fall to hand for me without even looking.

I feel that the autofocus is pretty good. It can be slow if it;s dim light, or it has to travel the full focus distance on full zoom. But in general it's pretty quick
Excellent zoom range (never enough of course )
Simplicity of having one lens
F2.8 lens is a bonus.
Fair sized sensor (and I believe a new technology) for less noise
Some good in-camera customisation,
although I tend to P/P.

once you have taken a non-standard shot, you are stuck with it. P/P allows keeping the original and getting what you are after
tiltable screen, and a good size.

The manual lacks an Index, but I actually find it very easy to read and it is well-cross referenced.

I hate it when they do the pdf version in the side-by-side format. It gets really messy to read.

PF problems (variable and fixable)

Lens cap is a PITA to attach, especially to the strap (my wife came up with the simple idea of velcro)

No sleep mode. Camera powers down, and so has to go through full startup. Also you have switch off and on again to achieve this.
RAW setting is not simply a part of the picture quality seyttings
Manual focus is really quite daft and slow.

I suppose they did it like this to avoid the problem that some cameras of possible damage to the focus motor if the manual is moved too fast.
it is so bad they still have an auto button in the manual setting

The usual complex menu structure (although better than my old Olympus, even though this is new to me.
There is no option to simply NOT display each shot after its' been taken.

given that the camera is pretty much ready to shoot again as fast as it can refocus, this is daft.
I am not that interested in a shot on a silly little viewfinder.

When in A or S modes, you do not see the "other" info (shutter speed or aperture respectively) and are not warned of over or under until you half-press.

at that stage I usually have other things on my mind. Even an old non-metered camera meant you knew before you tried for the shot.

considering the amazing array of data you can have on the VF, this was a bad miss.
this does only occur in Auto DNR setting, but that is the default.
No car charger.
pretty poor when it eats batteries like this one.

Flat view
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