Best quality/low expense lens for D700 (FX)

Started Aug 11, 2008 | Discussions thread
millsart Senior Member • Posts: 2,771
Never understood the "cheap" lens for travel concept

I just don't understand buying expensive glass and then leaving it at home for travel. Sure the weigt is a bit of a burden, but its really not that that big of difference and even the lightest DSLR kit isn't something you can slip into your pocket like a digicam.

If you've got an amazing lens like the 14-24 and a FX body, I just think its crazy to leave such an amazing imaging tool at home if your traveling and take something like a 24-120. Not saying its a bad lens but when would be a better time for a 14-24 than shooting some exotic locations while on vacation ?

I've tried the "travel" kit and came acrosss some once in a lifetime shots that I wish I could of captured better

I've also carried a heavy bag around on vacation and yeah it is a bit of a burden but whats the bigger regret ?

Missing a great shot or being a bit more worn out and sweaty at the end of they day ?

After a days rest a sore back from walking all day with a heavy bag goes away. Realizing I'll never be in that country again with the perfect light lingers alot longer.

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