Anyone try out the Sigma 50 1.4 on the 450D?

Started Aug 14, 2008 | Discussions thread
Matthias Hutter Regular Member • Posts: 260
Re: Me...

Hi Matthias, how do you compare it with EF 50/1.4 ? Any noticable IQ
differences so far ? I thought this lens would be more popular for
nikon users where there's no comparable afs yet, so kind of surprised
to see first impressions over here ... and I found EF 50/1.4 to be
(already) very good.

The biggest difference, according to the dpr review, is the sharpness wide open (Lets say, between 1.4 and 2.2). From f 4 to 8, the situation turns, though, because the corners of the sigi sharpen up less stopped down. But other IQ parameters, like flare or vignetting, are also better controlled on the sigi.
See this comparison:,24&fullscreen=true&av=1,1&fl=50,50&vis=VisualiserSharpnessMTF,VisualiserSharpnessMTF&stack=horizontal&lock=&config=/lensreviews/widget/LensReviewConfiguration.xml%3F3

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