Best quality/low expense lens for D700 (FX)

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Re: I totally disagree with your disagree

I feel people who criticize other people's decisions about $3K camera/cheap lens are overstepping their boundaries.

Whatever lens I buy it will still be an amateur lens. I don't make money on the photos I take at present.

What I do know is I enjoy owning my D700 much more than my D200 and some more than the D300. So I'm judged for having a D700 and modest lenses? On what basis will somebody else judge my short-term preference for excellent camera over excellent lenses?

My 28-105 Nikkor takes excellent photos with the D700, and 28 is actually 28 instead of 42. My 50 mm 1.8 will take excellent photos. Same with my 20 2.8. Or my Tokina 100-300 f4. None of them give me bragging rights, but I can take beautiful photos with any of them. I will soon get the 14-24 and the 24-70, because I enjoy fine quality. But getting one of those lenses for my D300 would have not gotten me a 14-24 and a 24-70. I would still be stuck with the so-called "crop factor." Which for me RUINS the comfort zone I've had 40 years of 35mm shooting.

To the OP -- If you want a great inexpensive lens, get the 28-105 nikkor. It is a lens that gets gruding respect from all but the most elite among us. I also enjoy my 20 mm 2.8 very much. The Tammy 28-300 seems to have very polarized views -- some love it and others hate it. But that range would be very handy for casual shooting. (read -- no snobs nearby to pass judgement on you.)

High-end Nikkor fans who complain about others owning cheap lenses remind me a lot of folks who own a Rolex instead of an Oris and think they have a lot nicer watch. (To be sure, some Rolexes are pretty nice.) Don't "real" pros shoot with an HD3 or something and use a $3000 prime? Last time I checked, a D3 with a 24-70 would be seen as compromise by somebody who gets paid to use an HD3.

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