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Re: The expensive body - cheap lens syndrome.

Jrobe wrote:

A common ailment. Overspending on the "best" camera body (which for
digitals will be outdated in a relatively short time) and then not
having enough money to buy the best lenses (which can last a
lifetime). One of the biggest mistakes in photography.

I totally agree. I just don't get why people do this. I think what is happening is they read the internet forums where (mostly) beginners get fixiated on cameras because they don't really understand photography all that well. The least important thing is the camera, but I guess it attracts attention because it has buttons, LOL!

Here's the deal. Don't think "camera". Think "SYSTEM!" A photo is made using a system of gear. You only have "X" dollars to spend and the idea is to get maximum IMAGE QUALITY for your money, not the most expensive camera. A D700 is about $3,000. For $3,000 you could buy a D300 plus a Nikon 24-70mm f2.8. The image qualty from that will absolutley blow the doors off a D700 with a cheap lens stuck on it! Image quality comes from quality lenses! Sharpness comes from a TRIPOD! A first class pro level tripod.

I see people suggesting old, slow lenses--f5.6. Some even suggest the Tamron 28-300mm--an f6.3 lens!!! IT's NOT EVEN SHARP!!! Why stick something that SLOW on a D700/ WHAT IS THE POINT??? WHAT IS THE POINT OF BUYING A PRO CAMERA AND STICKING CHEAP AMATUER LENSES ON IT? I don't get it. I just don't get it. I think these people are just buying expensive cameras to impress people, not because they are interested in photography. What they don't know is that when experienced photographers see them running around with a $3,000 camera and a cheap lens, we are laughing at them!

Cameras quickly lose value, and they come and go. They aren't even all that important for image quality. Here's the smart thing for you to do. Buy a D90 when it comes out. It will have the same excellent image quality as the D300. That camera will be about $900. You still have $2,100 for the IMPORTANT thing--LENSES! Buy a Nikon 24-70mm f2.8, $1,600. A D90 with that lens will absolutley be a better SYSTEM and give better images than a D700/cheapo. ABSOLUTELY! You still have $500 to play with. Either buy a $500 tripod/head or an SB-800 flash. Both are important to good photos, but one will be more important than the other. Now comes the cool part. With a D90 and 24-70mm f2.8 you have an EXCELLENT camera SYSTEM that can take pro quality photos immediately. You save your money for a camera now instead of a lens. Remember this: cameras drop in price far faster than lenses do. If you buy the lenses first, you can be using them while the camera price drops and then buy the camera for significantly less money! This is a smart use of money. Buying a cheap lens that you will then have to resell for a loss is just stupid, to be blunt. Buying an expensive camera and then CRIPPLING it with a low performing lens is also just stupid.

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