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Started Jun 18, 2002 | Discussions thread
Mark W. Johnson New Member • Posts: 12
Re: Strange RAW

Fabio wrote:

I just gave a look at the manual. Funny thing, the RAW format is
available only at max resolution (which is interpolated by the S2).
It is not available at the out-of sensor resolution. I think it is
a conceptual mix-up: if I am going for maximum quality, I would go
for out-of-sensor RAW, then choose the interpolation on the basis
of the type of image, choosing between the many solutions
available. But the S2 does not offer this process. I think it does
not make sense, although I am ready to learn if anybody has a
techical explanation for that.


RAW formats by definition store the actual data from the sensor, NOT a useable image. Then your computer uses the same algorithms built into the camera to convert the RAW sensor data into a useful RGB image with a square pixel arrangement. I guess they figure users will want the best resolution, and can downsize it before saving it, if needed at a lower resolution.

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