who would use the A900

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Re: who would use the A900

For less than 3000$ or 2000EUR I would buy it just for fan. I’m not pro, not even getting money from photo. But I’m thinking that I will get better pictures with 24Mpix.

I had Minolta 5, then Minolta 7D and now I have A700. With Minoltas it was hard to do a crop from original image. With A700 I can afford to cut about half of image, but with A900 it will be done even more easily.

I agree Zeiss, especially Zeiss AF and zooms (because MF is a lot for Nikon) is the main reason why I did not switch to Nikon. The only I miss is Sony FF lens 12-24mm. I have Sigma version. It is fantastic because extreme field of view on FF (I tried on film camera), but is somehow soft and with lack of contrast.

The overall lack in the field is relatively cheep long lenses. No one have good glass primes 400/500/600mm f/5.6 for 1000-1500USD or something. I suppose Sony could win a lot of users if they will do long primes.

Minolta 5 photoprinted image and scanned with junk scanner, cropped

Minolta 7D slightly cropped under glacier in Norway

A700 cropped

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