450D focus: unreliable

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Re: remember the portrait issue with 70-300IS

That took Canon almost a year to recognise as a fault.

Tom Meeks wrote:
I expect the focus issues to suddenly drop to nothing miraculously
timed to coincide with a firmware update that ostensibly corrects
some completely unrelated minor issue.

Seen it over and over and over...

imbsysop wrote:

This whole issue is giving me a strong subject line feeling cq the
"presumed" underexposure on the 400D LOL !
Funny how the same debate went over it_is/no_it_isnt where a number
of characters that participate now did at that moment too ..
Even more fun was that Canon repair had no clue on how to fix the
problem till roughly mid 2007 where all of a sudden they
automagically found how to deal with it .. go figure !
The whole discussion certainly makes that I will take a large bend to
walk around any 450D purchase until this has been settled ... if ever
if needed, email me at : imbsysop@yahoo.com
Horum Omnium Fortissimi Sunt Belgae !

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