4X6 is common, but no 6X9, 8X12, etc frames

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Re: I use a point-and-shoot camera...

borisboomboom wrote:

that's right, i use a dslr, not a p&s. regardless, i like the 2:3
aspect ratio and a 6x9 print. would like to have storage/display
album to accommodates it.

I am with you, I am no fan of the boxy formats. Maybe I have seem too many movies :-). No matter, want to use every one of the zillion dollar pixels I paid for.

therickman wrote:

doady wrote:

... so I am very happy with the current selection of frame and paper
sizes. 8x10 and 11x14 fit 4:3 aspect ratio quite well, with minimal
cropping. If this is such a big issue for you, you should switch to
a camera with 4:3 aspect ratio. Correct me if I'm wrong, but medium
format also uses 4:3 ratio.

Yeah, you're right. But most pro DSLRs go 6X4. My 40D and XT, they're
both 6X4. My G5 was 4:3.

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