LX3 RAW/JPEG vs. LX1 vs. F20 comparison

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Re: LX3 RAW/JPEG vs. LX1 vs. F20 comparison

WT21 wrote:

Is it fair to just
look at ISO 800 tests?

People are free to disagree, but for me the critical parameter is shutter speed. Even with IS, you still need "high enough" shutter speed to avoid camera shake. And of course with moving objects (usually people), you need a faster shutter speed to freeze the action.

So for the types of pictures I normally take, I would compare the F20 and LX3 to see what would give something around 1/50 sec shutter speed in social snap situations...and something like 1/250 sec shutter speed for action of some type. With the F20/30/31, you will often need to shoot two stops higher in ISO to get the same shutter speed as the LX3.

Fuji never came up with a camera/lens to match the quality of their 6 mp sensor. I would have bought one in an instant if they had.

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