Heading to Banff - advice?

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Re: Heading to Banff - advice?

I was only in Banff once, and I was so impressed with the scenery that I took my camera up on the ski slopes with me. I prepared many handheld panos, because the seemingly endless series of snow-covered peaks were just spectacular. I did learn that I need to be very careful to be sure I get sufficient coverage of the top and bottom of the panos. For me, what works best is to get at least two rows of images, overlapping vertically at the top of the peaks, to be sure I don't run out of space for sky at the top and the base of the mountains at the bottom.

I had a splended time with just my 60mm micro-nikkor and got things like this

I believe at least two of the ski resorts run lifts in the summer so you can get vistas like that without major hiking. And you'll get more interesting shots of Lake Louise than this (taken from the middle of the frozen lake)

The icefalls in Johnston canyon should be gorgeous in the summer, and require only a moderate hike--at least, without the ice and need for ice fittings for your boots, I think it should be pretty easy:

Going back in the summer, I'd want that same lens, plus my 24mm and 10.5 fisheye. And the 105mm would be nice for the tamer slower sort of wildlife.

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