father called a "pervert" for photographing own children in park

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Re: So it was your Blog?

Chato wrote:

Rootbeer wrote:

Chato wrote:

Rootbeer wrote:

BTW Dave, I'm considering naming you, in addition to quoting your
words regarding what you just wrote, and adding that to my blog. I
believe others would find your comments very interesting to read too.


I think you should. You should also add that Republcians are all
psychopathic killers, because I can find a Republican Psychopathic

Sorry Dave, but if you want to do that on your blog, then go right
ahead and do it on your blog. My story was about a home owner who had
his sidewalk vandalized by a guy who apparently has issues with
Republicans. I do not believe that Alll Democrats act this way. In
fact, I told several members of my family who are strong supporters
of Obama about this and they were all outraged by what they saw in my

Here's what YOU wrote:
" I just love to show how "tolerant" liberals are of others who don't
agree with their point of view."

.....Dave, that didn't come from my blog. You should include the context of what you quoted. I said this in a back & fourth discussion on this forum thread. Not on my blog as you have made it appear to be stated on.

As a matter of fact, I went over every word I wrote on my blog, and didn't find anything related to that at all. So please don't try to smear me or my message. Another thing you forgot to mention is that I am not a republican. I am also not a Liberal. I used to be a Democrat, I voted for Clinton as did most of my friends and family. However, now the Democrat party has been overrun with far left issues that are too left-wing extreme for me. I have a right in my country to disagree with others, and to vote for who I want to run our government, without having to fear repercussion from those who disagree with me, like the guy who apparently vandalized his neighbors sidewalk, which you seem to condone.

Is the above a typo? I guess so, because now you deny you wrote it?

Whomever wrote that Blog, even if he was RIGHT about this particular
neighbor, is trying to make the point that, "This is what Democrats

....Again Dave, that is not true at all. I pointed out that this is
what one person might have done to his next door neighbor. In fact,
when he goes to trial I will know more about the story which I will
report in my blog. Please don't try to interject things that I am not
saying or doing.

RIght, yeah, sure - What you actually wrote was just a long typo. Why
in the world was this worthy of commentary? What does it have to do
with political reality? Wow! A democrat actually is capable of acts
of vandalism. Who knew?
No Republican is capable of such acts? Right?

.....Well Dave, since you are making unfounded conclusions, I happen
to think you are the one who is sick!

I've read the words of "Liberals" who site Ted Bundy as an example of
Republicans. And I'm already reading about that killer in Arkansas as
typical of the Republican mentality.

Apparently you seem to feel that this is fair play - As long as it's
Republicans doing the comparions.

I happen to think this is symptomatic of a disease sweeping the
country - I oppose this disease no matter WHO is doing it.


Dave, you are parsing words.

For the record, since you found my startements in my Blog so apauling, then why do you not quote this part of my blog, unless you just want to smear me:...(I should remind everyone that you claimed that I am a "BIGGER dick" than the guy who spray painted his neighbor's sidewalk)

"I do not hate anyone, regardless of what political views they may have. This can be clearly seen by visiting my myspace profile: Myspace.com/JPphotographer I have friends on both sides of the isle. In fact, my Liberal friends say I am too conservative, while my Conservative friends say I am too liberal.. It's all good, and I appreciate my friends for who they are more than who the vote for."

"The reason why I display these shots in my gallery, is because I happen to find this newsworthy and believe others will too."

....Why don't you quote those parts Dave,...is it because those parts don't support your smear-job of me that you have attempted to do here..?

This again, shows me that you are incapable of handling yourself in a civil manor on a discussion board.


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