LX3 RAW/JPEG vs. LX1 vs. F20 comparison

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Have you been looking carefully? - ISO 800 low light crops

PixieGlitter wrote:

Before I get excited, I'd like to see some low-light, high ISO shots
processed from RAW and sent through NR software like Noise Ninja or
Noiseware, because honestly, who shoots stationary objects at ISO
800 in bright daylight like those examples? I don't even shoot ISO
800 for daytime sports. Also, the noise will be less noticeable in
daylight as well, regardless, so let's see some low-light, high ISO
shots all fixed up THEN we can see what this camera can really do.

The shots you're looking for are right here:

Based on these crops I would say that F20 has the edge, showing a smidgen more detail (just) and less objectionable noise. That's not to say that the LX3 is bad, don't forget it has a faster F/2.0 lens and OIS to boot, so in practice these should more than offset the F20's slight ISO advantage.

Oluv, what happens if you resample the LX3 samples down to 6mp?

The F20 has an excellent JPEG engine that's for sure. For this ISO 800 crop the LX3 JPEG vs Silkypix RAW doesn't show much difference in terms of detail but this may be a function of the RAW converter. Personally I think the RAW conversion gives more natural looking grain.


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