LX3 RAW/JPEG vs. LX1 vs. F20 comparison

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Re: LX3 vs. LX1 at iso400

oluv wrote:

KIWI Rik wrote:

My opinion...is that the LX3 jpg is far better than any of your other
shots, with either camera...

why do you think so? although the jpeg might appear cleaner, the
remaining noise is quite a mess, it also wipes away some of the finer
details that you can bring back with raw.

The RAW conversion appears to retain finer detail....but for me it emphasies the noise floor way too much...(random mosaic pattern) (look at the smallish tree trunk in the centre...and in the water) which may intend to give the impression of detail....but in reality, its just noise....(and noise floor to boot)

The LX3 jpg processing is the best compromise between noise and detail issues...

The LX3 is actually gathering photons compared to the LX1 which is merely just guessing what should be there from its nearest neighbor pixels...

Your LX1 has far too much Chroma noise scattered thoughout....impossible to remove without softening the image...


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