LX3 RAW/JPEG vs. LX1 vs. F20 comparison

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Re: Wow - Time to add a cheap LX1 !!

Adam-T wrote:

It actually makes these camera's 'wider' as they move away from 4:3!

I Noticed that, at 16:9 you gain quite a few mm, it's like comparing
a 1.3X crop to a 1.5X Crop on a DSLR -- which is exactly what it's
doing - it does beg the question of why doesn't the TZ5 have a Full
CCD mode of 10Mp ?, severe Vigging?

Yeah, the CCD is larger than the useful image projection area (aka imaging circle) that the lens is producing. This is actually a quite clever solution because this way the lens can be utilised to the fullest at all aspect ratios, rendering the lens smaller and lighter. Of course, nobody has restricted Panasonic to offer a full CCD mode as well, with inevitably vignetting and extremely soft corners.

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