LX3 RAW/JPEG vs. LX1 vs. F20 comparison

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Re: ACR question

WoodWorks wrote:

Strange, I don't know whether you got your two crops mixed up, Barry,
but I'm seeing the opposite of what you apparently are. The RT sample
appears to have significant NR (look at the guy's hair, for instance,
all smeared and with less detail), whereas the detail in the LR
version is still crisp in comparison, all color and exposure settings
aside, of course.

The RT one has less sharpening, I didnt have time to match them as close as possible. But what you should be looking at is the noise pattern, you notice a mottled and more artifact ACR one, bigger grain splodges, esp noticable with dark areas.

With RT the structure is finer..all over

And since I don't use a Windows (or Linux) computer, I can't try this
for myself.

Is there any non-subjective info about this default NR in ACR
anywhere that you know of? My book, Real World Camera Raw doesn't
seem to address it at all.

Most info is on using the NR sliders in ACR/LR

But here is a very brief point..


Noise reduction adjustment for all cameras with Bayer Pattern sensor: The base point noise reduction applied at the demosaic stage of raw processing has been reduced. The resulting effect is that images with zero luminance noise reduction applied in Lightroom 1.2 will contain more noise than the identical settings in Lightroom 1.1 but less noise than identical settings in Lightroom 1.0.

There is still some kind of "base point" (they call it) NR with luminance at 0.

It was very noticable with LR 1.1..they have dialed it back a bit..but it is still there.

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