LX3 RAW/JPEG vs. LX1 vs. F20 comparison

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You are missing something important here

Adam-T wrote:

VERY Sharp sensor - looks like its widescreen compact Brother, the
LX1 has that also !! the LX3 looks soft in comparison in the same
converter (heavier AA) ..

the LX1 retains its sharpness at ISO400 but is a lot clearly noisier
than the LX3 in RAW - the JPGs are a washout with the LX1 compared to
the LX3 (the TZ5 blows it away too)

ISO800 is showing that Venus 4 is miles better than any previous Pan
imaging engine by miles (wanna see it stretched to the limit and
still working - try a TZ5 with its tiny 10Mp 1:1.3" CCD perform !!)
but it's still no match for a 6Mp sensor which was designed with low
noise in mind .. the LX3 RAW and cunning work in neat image is
struggling to match the F20 JPG - downsize to 6Mp and the F20 will
still probably be on top .. the only compact I know of which will
outprint an F20/30/31 at ISO800 is the ancient Canon S30 in RAW and
that's 3Mp on the same size sensor

The focal length was different for LX3, so that only the center 6MP were used to compare with 6MP camera. THis is like dooing digital zoom.

I am sure that if we zoom LX3 to the same focal length as F20 it will be at least as good.

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