LX3 RAW/JPEG vs. LX1 vs. F20 comparison

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Re: LX3 RAW/JPEG vs. LX1 vs. F20 comparison

Hi, I got the exact same problem with blurred or out of focus areas, left or right with my Ricoh GRDII. I returned the camera but later thought it had to do with the DOF and the choosen plane of focus. Never got to figure out why it happened exactly but it is common practise with compacts that have a wide aperture lens like the lx3 and the GRDII. Maybe someone who knows more about the technical aspects can shed some light ?. I wonder for instance if the plane of focus is really a plane or a curve. Anyhow, its very easy to make two photos within a few seconds that have slightly different focal characteristics unless on a tripod.

Thanks for posting your very interesting work on the LX3, I will surely get a LX3 since I can see its is a wonderful compact in terms of IQ,

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